I’m Getting Married!!

If you have not been engaged before, I will let you know now that literally all the wedding websites will somehow find out you’re engaged and bombard you with wedding emails ALL. THE. TIME. So when I woke up this morning, The Knot emailed me to inform me that today was National Wedding Planning Day… I’m as bamboozled as you are.

Anyways, in honor of that absurd national day (only in America will you have a national day for literally anything you can think of), I decided to write this blog post to share the absolutely perfect way Micah proposed to me and also just a quick  update on where I am with all the ~FUN~ wedding planning!!! 😀

If I have not shared with you our proposal story, here is the story I told everyone the night of the proposal. I saved it on my phone so I could remember our story forever. ❤

So Micah told me a few days beforehand that he wanted to take me out to dinner that night, December 30th. He already told my parents and told me to wear a dress so I was kinda suspicious lol then my family was being super weird that whole day so I had a hunch but I didn’t want to get my hopes up. My family was telling me they were going to Brea Mall (which is not the closest mall to us btw, they did that on purpose) at 4:00pm and I was surprised they had a planned time because us Filipinos don’t do that lol but Micah planned to pick me up at 4:30pm so that was the first thing that was suspicious to me. Next, I took a little power nap before getting ready for my date and when I was waking up, I overheard my mom asking my sister if I was getting ready yet. It was weird that she was so particular for me to be ready on time. There were other little suspicious hints throughout the day but I’ll spare you from all those details. Just know, throughout the day I kept bugging Micah asking him if he was going to propose since my family was acting strange. He told me he wasn’t able to talk to my dad yet so that’s what threw me off from my suspicions. 

Moving on, Micah was driving towards Pasadena on the 210 west and he was trying to keep the place a surprise, but I totally guessed where we were going. I wanted to get proposed to at the Pasadena City Hall because it’s the setting for the city hall in our favorite show, Parks and Recreation (#AndyandAprilforever)!

So he took me to a really fancy dinner by the city hall. And then after dinner, we walked to city hall and I was honestly too excited to be where Parks and Rec is filmed that I didn’t even notice the flowers and candle trail on the floor… LOL I was so oblivious!!!!

And then he was like “Oh my gosh, what are these flowers and candles doing here?” in a sarcastic, obvious tone to make me realize what was going on. That’s when it finally dawned on me and tears just immediately started coming out of my eyeballs!! All I could think was, omg this isn’t happening right now! I told him I wanted to be proposed to there but I didn’t know it would happen already because he kept saying he hadn’t talked to my dad yet. But then when we were walking on the trail he said he did talk to my dad and that my dad gave him the blessing. And Micah kept talking about us and our relationship throughout the years, how we’ve been together for 6 years etc. I don’t remember the whole conversation because it was all a blur (apparently all those tears didn’t just blur my vision but my hearing too LOL).

And then we got to the center where all the rose petals were and I was already crying and I saw his eyes were teary so I gave him a hug and he got down on one knee and I cried more! *SQUEAL* Then Micah said that he would like me to be his wife and said those four momentous words, “Will you marry me?” I nodded, cried like a baby, said, “Of course!” We hugged and oozed with happy emotions! Then I actually told him to kneel again so that I can remember the moment and let it all soak in longer! HAHAHA that’s also a tip I got from Parks and Rec FYI. 

While kneeling again, Micah put the beautiful, stunning, rose gold ring on my left ring finger, we hugged again, and that was when I heard all these camera shutters around me. Another surprise! A TON of our (mostly my big ol’ Filipino) family and friends came out from hiding and watching the whole time! It was a lot to take in all at once, but that proposal was so perfect for me, for our relationship, and I honestly wouldn’t have had it any other way! I love that man to bits and pieces! He’s amazing and just went above and beyond to make me feel like the most special girl that night! ❤

Check out our proposal video here.














That wonderful night is now 2 months ago! Crazy how time flies!

I got some advice from other brides-to-be to start wedding planning as soon as I can. The more I got planned earlier, the less stressful it would be for me when the big day starts creeping up on us.

So the first thing we did was book our venue and catering. Luckily, our venue is all inclusive so we won’t have to bring a separate catering vendor and the venue actually has a lot of their own other vendors as well. We picked Wedgewood at the Orchard in Menifee. We actually went to a wedding there a few years ago and fell in love with the place. Stumbled upon it online when I was doing research and, mind you, at this time, we’ve only been engaged about 2 weeks and Micah, my parents, and I were still struggling to see eye-to-eye on the wedding details. But booking the Orchard was a unanimous decision and a total God thing. When we checked the venue out, the guy who helped us actually used to work at the Wedgewood near our town where we used to hold a lot of our church events. My mom is the one who plans our church events so she has worked with the people who run the Orchard before. We didn’t know they had moved to work at the Orchard, but because we have worked with them before, they were extra accommodating and even gave us some great deals! And they had our date available so it was just totally meant to be! We were in love and we booked the venue the next day after visiting!

Once that was booked, it was official! We are getting married on September 8th, 2017 🙂

Next thing I did was find a dress! 🙂 That was soooo much fun! I have been in love with this bridal store called BHLDN so I went one Sunday afternoon with my parents and some other close relatives like my maids and matron of honor, which are my sister, Ella, my best friend, Nikki, and my mentor in my life, my auntie Liz. I actually didn’t think I would buy my dress that day already especially since that was the first place I was going to, BUT I DID LOL I tried on like 8 dresses, but I found my dress there! I already knew what style/cut I wanted that I feel is flattering to my body and I feel the most beautiful and comfortable in. They had a dress like that style that had lace and tulle and a breathtaking open back and I just HAD to have it!!!!

So those two huge things got crossed off my list of things to do within the first 30 days of being engaged!! Other than that, we’ve finalized and asked all our wedding party people to be in the wedding, we’ve taken some photo booth style engagement photos, used them for our save the dates that I designed, and we’ve given out most of our save the dates (at least all the out of town ones so that’s good), we created a few registries (registering at Target with Micah was a blast!), I created our wedding website, we started doing pre-marital counseling, we just booked a photographer this week (a photographer that I’ve followed on Instagram and been obsessed with for years, so that’s super exciting for me!), I ordered the flower girl dresses already, bought some miscellaneous decorations from Hobby Lobby, of course I’ve been on Pinterest pinning like crazy with my mom and friends, and Micah and I made our first purchase as a soon-to-be married couple. We bought plates and bowls from our church yard sale LOL

So that’s the update on us and the Diaz wedding! I’ll blog more about everything and post more photos here as the wedding prep continues. If you’d like, please be praying for us. For our purity as we continue on with our engagement and for our future marriage that in Christ, we will be able to have strength for all the obstacles. I’m so excited to marry my best friend! ❤ Micah makes even going to the grocery a whole fun adventure and I couldn’t imagine doing life with anyone else! #omgmicahandhannah forever!!!

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