Getting back to it!

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Thank you to everyone who follows my blog and Instagram for all the patience you’ve shown me these past few months. It has been a wild ride of emotions, ideas, and starting many things. I’ve been seeking God’s direction for my life and He is taking me in different routes that I did not think I would be on, but know I would be more content this way than any other route I would try to pursue. But since I’ve been MIA since May-ish (it’s pumpkin spice season now so yes, it really has been that long), I thought I would give you all an update on me, my life, and where I am taking this blog.

First off, I still don’t have a full time stable job. I still do freelance video editing and motion graphics and it’s paying the bills (thank God!), but most days it makes me question what the heck I’m supposed to be doing. For months, I’ve been in this mental and emotional slump of feeling like I’m wasting my life, and honestly, I did let myself waste a lot of time during those days. It got me really depressed. It became a cycle of feeling like crap and not being motivated to change it. With the help of my dad, I was seeking out entry level jobs in studios like Sony and Nickelodeon, but felt like God was not calling me there. The door was just not opening. We met with a Nickelodeon creator/director, Butch Hartman, who is also a Christian. I just told him the different things I was interested in and he noticed that I didn’t really know what exactly I wanted, and reassured me that that was okay. He shared with me about his daughter who was in the same boat after high school and ended up starting multiple different companies, like wedding planning, an online shop of her handmade jewelry, a pageant, and the list went on. He told me how his daughter has been able to minister to so many more people in those different fields she is in and is thriving. Honestly, hearing that story excited me more than working at a studio in Hollywood and commuting there everyday has ever made me felt. I keep putting my life and my God in this box, getting stuck thinking that I have to work at a studio to be successful just because I did a Cinema & Media Arts degree and that was all that was encouraged from my major. Now I’m in a better place in my life. It was a matter of focusing on my priorities, desires, and goals for my life and getting out of being stuck on something I didn’t even want just because I was worried I would waste my degree or disappoint people. God has designed me perfectly with a personality, passion, and skill set for something that isn’t a studio and I feel very at peace with that after that meeting. I can see myself running multiple small businesses, having a family, volunteering at church, and being completely content with that.

Secondly, my family and I just recently finished our third annual entertainment design conference in Manila, Philippines called Icon Manila. The conference’s mission is to inspire artists around the world to create while also giving back to the community (as of right now, all profits go back to humanitarian aid in the Philippines, which started after the devastation of hurricane Haiyan). At the conference this year, I met a girl named Ashley who randomly came up to me while I was selling books for the speakers, gave me some of her handmade pug stickers, and told me she reads my blogs! That blew my mind! This was the first time someone who wasn’t a family member or friend told me that they follow my blog! She expressed to me how one day while she was really in a rut from the busyness of school, she found my social media accounts through my dad (who is a speaker for Icon Manila), and then started reading all my blog posts. She shared with me how reading about my struggles with post grad really comforted her and inspired her. Hearing that really touched me more than she’ll ever know. This is why I blog! I want to be there for other people who feel like they’re going through things alone. I know I have days like that and it’s always nice hearing about someone going through it too. We shouldn’t be figuring out life alone. I am so thankful God used me to touch even just Ashley right now and that’s when I knew I had to get out of this mental and emotional slump I’ve been in majority of this year and get back to my blogging. We recently read about the parable of the bags of gold in my Bible study group at church and it really convicted me because I have been letting myself be like the wicked servant who hid their gold in the ground. God has given me gifts that will only help others if I use them and meeting Ashley was a true testament to that for me. So now that’s why I’m here writing this 🙂

Lastly, with this blog, I have been working on making it more of a website-looking blog. It will have different organized pages of posts literally from my four eyes, which are the posts that are more personal, just for those readers who want to get to know me better, read about my faith, and where life is taking me. The other pages will be for my DIY projects, foodie things like recipes or restaurants I try, my fashion and style, my photography (which is something I haven’t shared much about yet, but my roommate and I have started a photography business called Justine & Hannah Photography), and my travels. Also, I have decided to delete my @frommyfoureyes Instagram account and keep everything on my personal, @hannahserrano. I am very happy with this decision because having two made me compartmentalize different things I would share between the two and I didn’t want that. I started blogging to be open with everyone so that I can reach out to others and I felt like I was trying so hard to appear like a typical “blogger” on my blog insta account rather than being myself. So to keep up with me on Instagram, follow @hannahserrano! I promise some good content will be going up there! AND my big announcement is that I will be launching a new Etsy shop that is directly connected to my blog! I have really been enjoying graphic design, drawing, and painting lately, so I wanted to share that with the world. Actually 4 of those designs on the frames are mine (“By grace you are saved,” “Adventure is out there,” “Welcome Autumn,” and “Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice”). I will start by selling downloadable prints on Etsy and as it grows, my goals are to sell physical framed prints of my work at different handmade markets or maybe one day even at Hobby Lobby! 🙂 #goals right there! My Etsy shop will be launching this month so keep a lookout for that!

Thank you so so so much for doing life with me! I really would not be as motivated to start all these new adventures and pursue joy through theses creative outlets if it weren’t for all of you people who follow along and support me ❤ I’d love to hear about your dreams and aspirations and how you are pursuing joy in your life. Share this with me in the comments below!

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