My Daily Face Routine

A lot of people have been noticing how clear my face has been lately and I thought I’d share what I started doing recently to clean my skin because it’s been working for me and hopefully it can help others too! And it’s an all natural skin routine so even better! ūüôā

I’ve struggled with really bad acne for years now. There was a point in 2011 in high school where my face was covered, especially in my cheeks, and this was deep acne so it was painful. It gave me a lot of insecurities in myself.



Going to the dermatologist was no help because they would just offer medications that always had a crap load of crazy side effects that I did not want to risk. I started to regularly see an esthetician for facial cleanings. I started going once a week because I need cleanings that often. Man, I remember crying so much during my first facial because of the pain; my acne¬†was deep in my skin so my face was already painful just to touch, but they’re poking needles in it too. And then when it finished, I looked like scar face. Seeing my face made my heart drop. I looked¬†like a monster. I cried even more because I thought those scars would stay on my face. Thankfully, the face wash they gave me removed the scars after a few days. And then once I felt¬†like my face was finally¬†recovering, it was time for another facial.


I did regular facials for a couple years. It started getting more and more scarce, like once a month and then once every few months till finally I just stopped doing them. Doing the facials and keeping up with their skin products got really expensive. And I didn’t really like reading the back of the washes and reading¬†all the different chemicals I was putting on my face.



A couple years ago, I started researching natural ways to clean my face. I found out that there were different types of oils that prevent acne and help with oily skin. A lot of these oils are in natural soaps. Some of the soaps that I love¬†using are this¬†tea tree oil wash from Trader Joe’s and the¬†Bamboo Charcoal soap & Big Pumpkin soap¬†by SoapRevoltNaturals on Etsy (you can get the soaps individually, but I ‚̧ the two pack so I can have both!).

But the one treatment¬†I started doing only a few weeks ago that has worked WONDERS on my face is a turmeric face mask. This has been keeping my skin so soft and clear. I touch my face and I don’t even remember a time when it has been this smooth! And then after the mask, I use¬†a homemade astringent that my friend, Justine, and I made using my handy dandy dŇćTERRA oils and apple cider vinegar.

For more details on all the natural products I use, keep reading for my step-by-step process of my daily face routine!

1) Make your turmeric mask.¬†The ingredients are honey, yogurt, and turmeric powder. Of course organic everything! I try to put equal amounts of it all and mix. Don’t be afraid to pour the turmeric; it becomes like an exfoliating scrub for your face so you’ll need a good amount.



2) Wash off any make up.¬†We don’t want any chemicals from¬†our make up mixing with our mask so we have to wash it off well. Wash with warm water to open your pores, but not hot water or else that will keep the redness in your acne scars¬†(which I don’t always listen to myself when I have hot water in the shower, oops).

IMG_1554 IMG_1556

As you can see, I have a lot of make up to wash off here. This is when I use my Bamboo Charcoal soap¬†by SoapRevoltNaturals, which has tea tree oil that is great for oily skin like mine. Let’s wash this gunk off my face, shall we!


I’m telling ya, it’s a lot¬†of gunk!¬†Keep washing!!!


Voil√†! It took me two washes, but it’s all off.

3) Put on your turmeric mask.¬†Time to get down and yellow! You’ll see what I mean once you try it, but the yellow from the turmeric gets¬†everywhere¬†so try to stay as neat with it¬†as possible.

IMG_1568 IMG_1570

I like to put a few layers of it to make sure my pores are covered with turmeric. Rub it on your face a bit like an exfoliating scrub. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes.

4) Wash off turmeric mask.¬†Do this slowly on your face, gently scrubbing portions of the yellow off at a time with warm water. Don’t over scrub so that your skin gets stretched around, but just enough to exfoliate. Once you have all the mask¬†off, you’ll notice a tint of yellow still on your skin. This is when I wash my face again, but this time with the Big Pumpkin soap, also by SoapRevoltNaturals. It has coconut and olive oil, which are both good for your face, and who can go wrong with pumpkin?! I also use this soap in the morning to wash nighttime oils away!


5) Use a cotton ball and dab face with homemade astringent.¬†A recycled apple cider vinegar bottle works great for your astringent. I made mine with about an inch high of apple cider vinegar in the bottle (Bragg’s is actually the brand I use now, but this Trader Joe’s brand works well too), dilute it with 3-4 times the amount of water, a little less than a teaspoon of honey, and then I added 5 drops each of peppermint oil, frankincense, lavender oil, lemon oil, and melaleuca (which is also tea tree oil). All my oils are¬†dŇćTERRA.


IMG_1578 IMG_1579

This really helps take out left over yellow on your face.

And that’s all! Now your face feels so clean and you’ll feel a difference in only a few days! I try to do this routine every night, or at least every other night.


I’d love to hear about anyone who tries this routine and it helps them as well! Please share your results ūüôā


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