Coachella Recap

It’s been about a week now since I got back from Coachella and I still cannot believe I finally went! With being in an emotional slump lately, Coachella was the escape I needed. Man, I do not remember the last time I danced that much! I loved it!


Nikki and I headed over there around 11pm on Thursday evening. Little miss procrastinator over here (talking about myself) packed the day of (like I always do) and so we ended up leaving later than we planned. But that was okay because there was no traffic by that point.

We found the car camping entrance and prepped our spot. Car camping was so fun! It had such a chill vibe and the spot they give you is actually really spacious. Our next door neighbors helped Nikki and I set up our EZ up (which is not so easy when there’s only two short Filipino girls setting it up). Our next door neighbors were from Tijuana but are here studying at UCI and this was their third time at Coachella.

Nikki and I slept in the car so we made our little room which looked like this:


Yes, we brought tsum tsums to Coachella; don’t judge us.

After we set up our area, we explored the camp grounds. I highly recommend camping. They have so many amenities for the campers like silent disco, an art gallery, yoga & pilates, a spa, free hair and make up, screen printing, and so much more!

Let’s move on to Day 1!

Nikki and I were #STOKED to get to the festival grounds already. Doors open at 11am, so on that first day we started pretty early. We got to the festival grounds around noon.


I wore a strapless dress from Forever 21 that I bought over 6 years ago! I love how the print was totally Coachella and I learned that I prefer wearing dresses and skirts there because of the heat — shorts were just annoying and would feel so sticky to my skin. This dress was perfect. We had our cheap sunglasses on because just in case anything happened to them, we wouldn’t really care unlike if I wore Raybans. And of course, comfy shoes. I brought sandals and boots, but after the first day, heck no I was not taking off my comfy, worn out Converse.



Since we got there early, we took the time to explore the festival grounds and just let everything soak in that we were actually there. We scouted the multiple food choices (#fatlyfe in action), found the best places for wifi, and of course enjoyed the different art pieces all over the festival. My favorite was the Besame Mucho piece. It was made by an artist from Argentina and it kept reminding me of my boyfriend, Micah’s, parents because his mom grew up in Argentina and I just picture those two lovebirds dancing to that song.

On that first day, we watched Låpsley, Louis the Child, Sam Feldt, Of Monsters and Men, M83, Ellie Goulding, and Jack Ü. Some highlights for me were dancing to Little Talks, being super close to the front of main stage for Ellie, and jamming out to Skrillex & Diplo only to be falsely teased that Justin Bieber would make an appearance. Okay, that part was depressing, but still an amazing day.


Oh, and it was freaking windy as heck, so we bought these cute scarves from the H&M booth to shield our faces from all the dirt. And every purchase from H&M came with a cute, draw-string bag that said H&M ❤ Coachella. LOVE!



Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 1.11.07 AM

Day 2!

The first show we wanted to see on this day was at 4ish so we did not go to the festival early anymore. Heck, our bodies were already so tired from all the walking and standing from day 1. All the standing kills your back, man.

We were smart and went to Nikki’s friends’ hotel to shower that morning. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so good taking a shower before. I got to freshen up and make myself look super cute that day! And this was the day I wore the outfit I shared in my last post!


We even had time to put on some cute, temporary tattoos that morning. Super cute!


Also, we ate at In-N-Out to save some money on festival food. Another smart idea that day!

Once we got to the festival, I ran straight to my boo, James Bay. His voice is just to die for. Love him. Nikki and I went to the main stage afterwards to watch CHVRCHES. We got this great spot right behind the VIP walkway so for short people like us, that was perfect because no one can stand right in front of us and it was an open view for us to see the stage. We stayed at that spot for Disclosure right after. They were SO GOOD. They know how to keep a crowd dancing! My original plan was to leave after Disclosure to go to Zedd, but because we got such a great spot, I decided to just stay there so that I can see Guns N’ Roses. So I had to sit through Ice Cube, which is definitely not my type of music, but it was interesting to watch him and see the crowd. But he was poppin’ with special guests. He brought out The Game, Dr. Dre, and Kendrick Lamar!


Good thing I stayed too because I got to see Travis Barker in the VIP crowd! SO cool! I’m a drummer, so you can imagine how pumped I was about this.


FINALLY it was Guns N’ Roses! I was so tired and my back was killing me, but I could not miss that. It was so surreal watching them perform Sweet Child O’ Mine, which has been like my anthem with some close friends for years now.



Slash did not disappoint, of course. Seriously a freaking legend and it was crazy seeing him in person. I was blown away. And Axl Rose still got his crazy pipes, man. He had his whole left leg in a huge cast, but he still managed to have like 20 costume changes throughout their 2 and a half hour set. That’s what you call a performer! It was so cool seeing these two performing together again.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 1.37.36 AM


Good night, day 2!


Day 3!

By this point, we could not believe it was coming to an end already. I started this day waking up with horrible allergies. My eyes were all puffy and my nose was stuffed with dirt from the wind. This next photo is probably the most unattractive photo you’ll ever see of me. Ever.


But I wanted to share it with you all because my bad allergies are no match for my dōTERRA oils! I looked great after a few oils and resting longer; I even had my best make up day that day.


Oh yeah, Nikki and her friend, Ronnie, took a nice nap before we went to the festival. We spoiled ourselves and turned the air conditioning on… for hours… oops.

IMG_1562          IMG_1565


Nikki and I’s super cute crochet tops curtesy of @herfivelions! Check her out on Instagram! She ain’t your average Etsy momma.

Unfortunately, I learned that a crochet top with no bra was not ideal for me to wear for Coachella so I changed, but I still love love love my top. Again, first Coachella is a learning experience and I learned that I like dresses and skirts, shorts suck.




Sick R2D2 trash can, amiright?


Oh, and since it was the last day, I splurged on some paella! One of my favorite foods!

On this day, we watched Matt & Kim, Cold War Kids, The 1975, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Major Lazer, Alessia Cara, The Chainsmokers, and of course, Calvin freaking Harris! This was the day we jumped around stages the most because all these great people were performing back to back or literally at the same time. Like we watched the first half of Alessia Cara’s performance (beautiful performance, my gosh) and ran to The Chainsmokers to watch their second half. We ended Coachella on such a high note because we finally had all of Nikki’s friends together with us and we jumped and danced the night away to Calvin. The only thing that could’ve made that night better was if his boo thang Taylor was his surprise guest and they did a song together, like what I actually wanted deep down. But his performance was amazing so I’m not complaining!





I got home around 5:30am on Monday morning, did not shower or anything, so I knocked out in my Coachella shirt and slept on the couch so that I wouldn’t bring dirt on my bed. Of course my brother had to make a witty snap about me. I made that pun way too easy for him, hahaha!


That was my Coachella experience. I loved it and would be so down to go again next year! If I’m not broke though… LOL I’d love to hear about anyone else’s Coachella experiences as well!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

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