#FossilStyle (pt. 1)

Sooooo, I’ve bought many Fossil items throughout the years and it’s nice to know I can put my addiction of the store into good use now… For this blog post! Hahaha! And for the #FossilStyle #Contest that you guys should join! And because I own so many items from the brand, I’ve decided to split up this original post into two parts so that I don’t bombard you with my Fossil obsession all at once.

I believe one of my first purchases ever at Fossil was my laptop bag. I bought this bag over 5 years ago now when I received my first laptop and it is still in almost perfect condition. You go Fossil for your durability!

IMG_2557 copy

It’s super girly, stylish, and perfect for work.

From my oldest Fossil bag to my newest one, I am in love with my Seaglass colored Harper Crossbody. I love that it adds such a beautiful color to any outfit. Also, the Seaglass color is perfect for Spring and the brown strap compliments its vibrant color.


IMG_2588 copy

IMG_2571 copy

On top of the look, it is also very practical. I cannot wear big shoulder bags; it’s just not my style and hurts my back/shoulders. I always prefer crossbody bags, but I think they look nicer when they are smaller. This bag is a good size to fit all my everyday needs. Inside, I have my (also Fossil) wristlet wallet, my EOS chapstick (for the stinkin’ dry California weather), a Burt’s Bees lipstick, a pocket sized Aveeno lotion, and a few other miscellaneous things and they all fit comfortably. So I wear this bag pretty much everyday now.

Now lets move onto Fossil watches! I’ve got two. My first one is with a green, leather strap.

IMG_2564 copy

IMG_2607 copy

My mom actually got it for me and she has a matching one with an orange strap. It has a big face, which I really like, and I also like the font of the numbers. Fun fact: I also got my boyfriend, Micah, a watch with the same face before I even got mine so we are all matching!

My newest watch, which I easily convinced myself to buy when I bought the Harper bag as well, is the Jacqueline Multifunction Rose-Tone Watch. It has the same font that I like on my green watch, just not as big of a face. I tend to go for leather watches, so this one was a new style for me, but I am literally obsessed with it and I’m so happy I got it! And the day I bought it, Fossil was doing free engravings so on the back, it actually says “Fix My Eyes” from one of my favorite Bible verses, Hebrews 12:2.


Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 12.23.03 AM

Plus, who can go wrong with Rose Gold?!?!

Finally, the last Fossil item I am going to share with you guys today is my charm bracelet. It comes with the famous Fossil key as a charm with a cute lock shaped like a heart. My other charms include a leather camera because I love film and photography, a ballet shoe because I grew up dancing ballet and other types of dances when I was a child, a pearl, cross, and dove trio to represent my Christian faith, a globe because I love to travel, and a double decker bus for when I studied abroad in London.

IMG_2603 copy

IMG_2600 copy

IMG_2604 copy

Stay tuned for more of my #FossilStyle and follow me on Instagram @frommyfoureyes!

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