Easter Prayer


I hope you all had a wonderful Easter with loved ones and took time to reflect on the grace that was given to us over 2000 years ago on the cross. Thank you Jesus that you have risen!

As this Easter and Lent season has come to a close, we should not forget any spiritual disciplines we’ve come to learn and commit to. We should not dedicate spending time with Jesus only during “holier” seasons of year. We should be spending time with Him daily, continuously, never ceasing. And I’m speaking to myself as well as I write this! Man, oh man, do I need this reminder!

Last month, the women’s group at my church watched the movie, War Room. If you have not seen it, I highly recommend you do. It is a very powerful story about a woman learning to fight to take back her marriage and family in prayer. It is inspiring and shows how alive God is! We just need to completely trust (and walk on water) with Him always and He’ll take care of us. When we have our priorities in the wrong order and think we can fix situations in our life on our own, that is when we fail and dig a deeper hole of issues for ourselves.

Now my women’s group is going through the book, Fervent, which stemmed from the movie and is written by the lead actress, Priscilla Shirer. So far it’s a great book and it teaches about strategies for a closer prayer life with Jesus.

I believe I am a prayer warrior; I love spending long periods of time in prayer with  Jesus. My only problem is getting to that place of “having time” to pray. I prioritize other things than quiet, uninterrupted prayer time and it makes me feel empty and shallow with God.

So in the women’s group last Friday, Good Friday, we did this exercise where we write a prayer to God on a card, but it’s not just any prayer. We write about ourselves in third person, written in the way we would like someone else to pray for us. Then, we put all our prayers together and we randomly pick out someone else’s prayer from the group. Throughout your days, you pray for the person on the card you picked. You talk to Jesus about the things they shared on their card. And then it’s really encouraging for you to know that someone in your group is praying for you in the way you would like to be prayed for. You can make your prayers anonymous if you’d like, but I felt like I should write my name so that the person who would get my card could pray for me in a personal way.

I wanted to share this with you all because I thought it would be a great way for people like me, who have a hard time sharing their own trials, to get vulnerable with others without much of the pressure. You can try it out with some of your friends and maybe even do it multiple times so that you can get a prayer chain going! I know our women’s group will be doing this every month when we meet so we’ll all be growing together in prayer. I hope this exercise can be a blessing to your life as well 🙂

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