A Day With Mickey & Friends

While I was in Florida last week, I had a day to meet up with my childhood best friends, Nicole and Kathy. Thankfully all of our schedules just lined up perfectly; my aunt’s baby was in daycare that day so I was free, Nicole was off from work, and Kathy was on Spring break. I’ve known Nicole since I was seven and Kathy since I was four! They say that if a friend has stayed in your life for over 7 years, they will be in your life forever, and I totally believe that. These two are my longest friends and it amazes me how close we still are and how nothing feels like it has changed when we’re together (I know, cliche but so true).

My favorite memories with them as kids consist of choreographing dances to songs from the Lilo & Stitch soundtrack and performing them at family parties, playing pretend as the Power Rangers, and always going to Walt Disney World. I grew up with my dad working for Disney, even when we lived in Florida from 1997-2004, so he always got us in the parks for free. You could say Mickey was a childhood bff as well LOL it was a walk down memory lane going back to Disney World with them after long over a decade. I just felt like a kid again with all those butterfly feelings around the magical parks!


We started our day at Hollywood Studios. Last time I was there, it was still called MGM Studios with Mickey’s giant, blue Fantasia hat in the middle of the park. The day we went was seriously like God ordained or something, man, because we literally had perfect weather and barely any lines! My favorite ride we rode there was Rockin’ Roller Coaster. I remember riding that as a kid and being so pumped that I braved a loop! It’s funny riding it now after living in California for so long and seeing all the California freeways as decorations during the ride. We rode Tower of Terror as well and it is so different from the one at Disneyland. Honestly, it is much scarier in Florida, jussssaying.


We also visited my favorite Disney princess from a galaxy far, far away, Kylo Ren. I’ve met him at Disneyland, but he wasn’t that engaging. This Kylo was a lot more playful with us, continuously trying to intimidate Kathy because she kept giggling. When we were leaving, I eagerly said, “Bye, Ben!” and he froze, stared at me for a couple beats, and simply said, “NO,” with his eery voice changer. It was awesome! It would’ve been cooler if he went off on a whiny temper tantrum, but that’s okay. At least I got a response from him on that one!


Next, we went to Epcot. We enjoyed strolling through the different countries, dreaming of a time when we can travel somewhere together. We didn’t ride anything, but we enjoyed some food and drinks.


Finally, we rushed over to Magic Kingdom, hoping to get a castle picture together before sunset. Mission accomplished! But we did cut it really close. The monorail we took from Epcot went at snail speeds and then the monorails to get to the Magic Kingdom park were closed so we had to wait for the next ferry boat, and of course one was just leaving when we got there so we had to wait awhile. Oh well, we made it and I think our picture is supa cute if I do say so myself!


Man, now that I am back home, I really do miss these amazing girls. I’m thankful to have grown with them; friends like these are a true blessing. Enjoy some of our photos throughout the day as we did some mini photo shoots, and teaching them how to use my camera 🙂


PS. Check out Kathy’s stylin’ blog at kathysupan.com!









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