Little Life Reminders


Last week, I took a last minute trip to Orlando, Florida. My mom’s best friend, who is pretty much  my life mentor, Liz (refer back to this post to hear all about her), had a major neck surgery this past Tuesday, so I flew over there last week to help watch her baby girl, Vanka, drive her to doctors appointments, and do some everyday chores around the house that we take for granted (yes, crazy how even doing little chores like opening jars without being in major pain can be taken for granted). She has a pinched nerve on her neck and spine area, so her whole body gets numb and is in constant chronic pain. It makes even picking up her 1-year-old seem like she’s lifting the whole weight of the world on her own.

Please be praying for her. The surgery went well, but recovery is going to take 6-8 weeks. They drilled a hole through her neck and put a cadaver bone in her body, so we’re hoping this new bone will work well with her body. If her body rejects the new bone, things could be worse. She is in an excruciating amount of pain at the moment, as the first few days after surgery is apparently the worst (at least it’s all looking up from here). She said the general anesthesia side effects are awful, she was vomiting, her throat and shoulders are hurting, and the incision is almost an inch long and burns.

I cannot imagine that much pain, but sometimes we have to accept going through something even more painful than the original hurts so that we can come to healing. And amidst all the pain and suffering, my auntie Liz keeps her head eyes, constantly leaning on Jesus to get her through and reminding herself that He gave her this life and He can do with it what He wills. He is a gracious Father who loves us more than we will ever know.

Originally, I was writing a post about my day at Disney World catching up with childhood best friends, but as I was writing the intro about why I was even in Florida, I just felt compelled to elaborate on my auntie Liz’s surgery and the little life reminders that went through my head as I spent some time there. I’m going through another transition period of my life and every time God brings me to a transition period, it’s because I need to refocus back on Him and the things that actually matter on this world as we keep an eternal mindset.

1) Tomorrow is not promised, so stop procrastinating.

2) Life is short; sweet, but short. If you get caught going through the motions, life will just pass you by and you’ll back wondering where it went.

3) You won’t be at your full potential if you waste time comparing your life to others on social media.

4) Speaking of social media, it isn’t real life. There’s no reason to envy someone else’s social media life because he/she only picks and chooses the parts of their life that they want shown there anyways. You don’t know the whole story behind that Instagram photo.

5) Sometimes we have to commit to change in our lives, even though it hurts, but we know that in the end it’s for our better. Just like my auntie Liz’s surgery. Change is extremely difficult, but crucial to our lives and usually worth it in the end.

6) God has a unique story for your life. If you keep trying to create someone else’s story for yourself, God doesn’t get to write His perfect one for you.

7) Don’t worry about what other people will think or what degree you graduated with or what path you had planned out to follow for years. God can use you for anything He wants to. Just follow.

8) Stability comes from God alone. He can strip you of anything and everything in your life because He owns it, not you. Just like Job. He gives and takes away, but blessed be the name of the Lord.

9) Freaking start your ideas already! Stop worrying about if it will fail or not. You’ll never know until you try. From the words of the wise Mr. LaBeouf, “Just do it. Don’t let your dreams stay dreams. Yesterday you said tomorrow, so just do it.”

10) Just keep swimming walking on water with Jesus. “Swimming” is something humans can learn on their own and can still lead you nowhere if you’re just “swimming” without God’s direction. Walking on water is having complete dependency on Jesus to keep you going and isn’t something we can accomplish on our own. Fix your eyes on Jesus, take the first step off that boat, and start walking on water.

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