Revamping a Cork Board

Every few years, my dad’s work at Walt Disney Animation Studios gets rid of some office stuff, from Cintiqs to desks, and gives them to their employees. So this time around, my mom and I are the ones who scored 6 huge, square cork boards that they originally used for pinning artwork around the office.


We had an idea to paint the wooden borders to make them look cuter for around the house. We were inspired to do this because  of this DIY bookcase post.


We loved the mix of the colors they used. Unfortunately, Home Depot did not have the Ash color in stock so we opted for the closest color there, which was Provincial. We still love how the mix of colors turned out though!


First, we covered up the sides so that the paint would not spill to the cork board. Then we worked on the metal corners with our handy dandy 2 in 1 paint & primer spray paint. I liked the fancy schmancy (sorry for my lame rhymes) nozzle it had; it made it easier to spray paint and I felt like we had more control of where the paint was going. (P.S. Don’t use spray paint too close to the object. It makes the paint too thick so it starts to drip and leave lumps. Spray about a foot away and from an angle. And keep the direction that the wind is blowing in mind).


Next, we sanded down the wood (read the back of the container for sanding details). And then it’s time to mix your colors! Be careful so you don’t spill everywhere. We put a lot more gray than the other two colors in our mix, but feel free to mix to your liking!


This is how the boards turned out! We definitely made the stain on the wood thicker and darker than the original colors we were following on the post, but I still love the way they turned out. And I am obsessed with the dark gray corners. It adds so much more pizzazz to the boards! (And now I’m obsessed with that word pizzazz because it has the word pizza in it). We painted in a distressed way that left some spots of the original color visible so that it looks more rustic, natural, and vintage. AND as you can see, we painted one black. We simply painted the backside (the light blue side that is visible in pictures above) with chalkboard paint so that we could have a chalkboard and a cork board side by side in our kitchen. (Don’t worry, we didn’t forget to take out the tape. We carefully painted the edges with thinner paintbrushes).


Honestly, I’ve never been so proud of a crafting project. They turned out great and it was a nice bonding time with my beautiful mom! Looking forward to more projects with her. (:

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