Lifestyle Change


It’s the new year (well, January was like a trial month haha) and people always ring in the new year with resolutions. We see the gyms packed the first week of January, more salads and juices in people’s fridges, and sometimes even a new wardrobe, new haircut, or even new friends on people’s Instagram feeds. But it’s difficult to commit to a resolution if it doesn’t consciously become a lifestyle change. 

Lifestyle changes are definitely challenging because you’re not trying to change things for a period of your life, but rather, for the rest of your life! Scary, huh? Change is already a scary thing for most people; many hate that word because they’d rather stay where they are in life than deal with change. My mom’s best friend and I were talking about doing a lifestyle change starting this year when it comes to our eating habits. But I personally didn’t take it too seriously because I’m more of an as long as I don’t eat ice cream everyday, then I won’t get fat kind of person LOL and she hasn’t started changing yet either. It’s killer to change!

Today, I have the day off from my full time job and I am finally starting what I’ve been wanting to do for a long time; blog. But not just blog as a job or anything like that. I want to share my life with the world. Not only do I want to share the places that I visit, crafting projects that I do, food that I try, but I want to learn to let walls down, share struggles, get real, figure out who I really am as a person. I suck at doing that in person. Just yesterday, my co-worker who has been gone for over a month asked me what’s new with me and I literally had nothing to say. I drew a blank. In my head, I was going insane. What have I done this past month other than work? Should I share this story or is that too boring? Should I talk about this experience or is that too personal? So many thoughts running through my head and that conversation ended up just getting cut short. I overthink, I stay to myself because I think people won’t care or I’m scared to talk about things going on because God knows why. So blogging is a start.

That’s my lifestyle change for this new year. I also want to make my room more of a creative environment for me, I have so many little business ideas that I need to start this year, and I need to take more initiative at home to help around the house. Pretty much, be more motivated/committed and less lazy/”tired.”

That’s why the picture for this post is my new bed. It’s the first thing I’ve set up in my new room in my family’s new house with my super cute new bed frame from And look, I even made my bed today! Already off to a good start ^__^ So on this day off, I am going to conquer! I might even start sharing things that I’ve accomplished on a (somewhat) day to day basis so that I can have some accountability. Yeah, that’s a great plan, Hannah!

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