#WVW: We Are the World

I’ve been MIA from Word Vomit Wednesdays for a few weeks now. I won’t be doing them every week, but also, I’ve just been discouraged to write lately. I feel like all I’ve seen on social media is people getting offended, people getting annoyed of each other, people talking crap, forgetting that there is another human being behind the screen. I don’t have thick skin; my mind gets consumed and my body trembles when I post something and read that I get a negative comment back. I honestly care far too much about what people think. And now that all these tragedies all over the world have been happening, from Paris a few weeks ago to the shootings today in San Bernardino, just 20 minutes away from my home, and even the horrendous acts that are taking place in Syria, making thousands flee from their homes, my heart breaks. I feel my chest drop and I hold back tears reading the news nowadays. It gets too overwhelming to write and I already feel beaten down, the last thing I want is to post something and someone give me crap for sharing what’s on my mind. I get depressed and, sometimes, literally sit by myself and cry for this world. Which brings me to my word for this week; world.

We only have one world to live in. And it’s amazing to think that out of all the planets in the whole solar system; no, the whole galaxy; no, the whole freaking universe, Earth is the only place where lifeforms actually live, breathe, create… simply cohabit. I know this world and the creation living in it is not perfect, actually far from it, but it is still beautiful and I do wish we would get along more. God did not say we would never have trials in this world, but it is disheartening to see so many people nowadays so divided and ruthless about every little thing. Especially in America. It’s barbaric. And honestly, I have been guilty of it. I know my heart isn’t in the right place all the time, which is part of the reason why I don’t write much either (I represent Jesus Christ and I don’t want to blow it with my fleshy emotions).

There are so many issues that are impossible for everyone to agree with, from politics to humanitarian actions to religion and the list can go on forever. And I’m not writing this in hopes for world peace; I know that is impossible in such a diverse, yet sinful world like ours. But I also know that people can start changing for the better by simply just having more respect for one another and maybe biting their tongue more (ahem, ever heard of the word tact?). Especially Christians. You are supposed to be Jesus to this world and I feel like a lot of Christians are missing the point of Jesus coming to this world and dying for everyone’s sins. EVERYONE. That means the WHOLE FREAKING WORLD, MAN. Stop being so dang petty with each other. You’re just adding fuel to the flames that are already tearing everyone apart. A lot of these arguments are a mere dust in the wind and it will just give you gray hair and burn relationships with whoever you are arguing with. Especially on Facebook. I know for a fact that most people who argue on Facebook don’t have the guts to say the things they write to the person’s face. Why? Not because they are not confident enough, but because it is so disrespectful that they would never say that to an actual person. But to a screen is different. We don’t see the person we’re talking to, so sometimes it feels like they don’t really exist and are not actually affected by what we say. In the words of Dwight K. Schrute, “False.”

I can ramble on about how this world needs to have more respect for each other and how I believe the media (articles, television, internet, social media, etc.) is like a puppet master, controlling how the people of this world now perceives this world and is turning everyone against each other. I can also ramble about how we have to stop finding things to blame for the evil that goes on. We have more division between the people nowadays than in the last few decades. This division is way more evident now. Everyone is always finding a label to fit in and seems to think that you can only have peace with people who fit that label as well. “I’m a Christian, Female, 1st generation Filipino/American.” “I’m a Homosexual, Atheist, Middle-class Mexican.” “I’m a Muslim, Male, Heterosexual, immigrant.” That’s all we see in the news now. There are so many labels and it gets more and more difficult to see past these labels when that’s all we hear and see now. Stop labeling, stop judging people by their cover. Just look at them as a person. Yeah, those things are part of who we are, but that shouldn’t be all we see about another person and that shouldn’t stop us from being respectful to that person. Yeah, we are all different, but we’re all people. And yeah, there are evil people in this world and I’m not saying to just welcome anyone to your home or not be wise about things, but man, all I’m saying is to just respect people more. Don’t go looking out for the next controversial topic to pick a side on. That should not be what we consume our minds with anymore. It’s toxic and it’s affecting me, it’s affecting my family and friends, and I know for dang sure it’s affecting this world as a whole.

I want to end this post by sharing an article I read today. Its focus is to speak to Christians, but I think it could benefit others too. Read it here.

Good night everyone and join me in keeping this world in our prayers.

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