Twenty-One, Turn Up


Woo! First blog post!

As some may know, I turned 21 last Monday. I still think it’s really weird that I’m even in my twenties, but whatever. Now I’m apparently “legal,” as some told me that day. I know they mean “legal” as in I can drink legally now, but it makes me feel like I was some sort of illegal alien from a galaxy far, far away before this Monday. And the fact that I am currently studying abroad in London and spending my big 21 here made everyone go even crazier for the idea of me getting wasted. I promise this isn’t a post all about being 21 and not drinking on my birthday, but it’s going to start off that way, sorry (not sorry). I’ve drank before, I’ve had temptations of wanting to get drunk sometimes so that I don’t have to think anymore, and honestly, I do think some people look too cool for school just chilling with a drink. I totally did feel so much pressure to drink from a lot of people and I know people were not intentionally pressuring me, but man, I couldn’t stop hearing about it. Something about drinking on my 21st just did not appeal to me. Maybe I’m too hipster to do what everyone else is doing, maybe I just wasn’t in a spend extra money on a drink kind of mood. But I had a fun, hilarious, and sober night with good friends at a delicious Italian restaurant and bowling. And I got a strike doing the 360 spin trick that Micah and I always try to rock. ‘Twas a good night.

In my 2.1 decades of living (see what I did there), I feel like I’ve grown a lot, so to celebrate 21 years of life, I thought I’d share 21 things I have learned/am still learning about life, this world, myself, my faith, and just everything in between.

1) Grace. To give it and even harder, to accept it. (2 Corinthians 12:9)

2) I always have to remind myself on this one… Stop looking at other people’s lives on social media and comparing yourself to them. Your story, passions, calling in life, etc. are different from theirs. And plus, we all only show the good things about our lives on social media. Their life isn’t perfect either so stop thinking you want their life. Enjoy yours. It’s the only one you’ve got.

3) Quiet time is a must, introvert or not. Even as an introvert, I still find it hard to have quiet time because I find so many things to distract myself with, but we need quiet time to listen to God. Which brings me to…

4) LISTEN TO GOD. He’s always talking, but usually we are too.

5) It is healthy to share things you are ashamed of to other people you trust. Don’t let your shame allow you to put walls up in your life. I know from experience. It is so much freer to share and you’ll be able to experience God’s grace through another human. Everyone has baggage, it’s better to move on and grow from it along others.

6) I distract myself with fictional T.V. characters when I’m lonely and don’t want to think about it. That’s why I get so attached to fictional characters that I can always count on to make me laugh, like Sheldon Cooper and Andy Dwyer.

7) I wish I had more drive to better my talents like what successful people do, but I just really do not know how to motivate myself sometimes. Just like this blog post that is long overdue.

8) You do not always have to agree with your parents on everything. *Disclaimer: I LOVE my parents, they are literally the best parents ever, so don’t think I’m saying that because I don’t want to be like them. You are your own person though, so it is okay to have differences.

9) 16 year old me should not have been dating (if our relationship at that time should even be considered dating lol). Only by God’s grace has Micah and I’s relationship grown to what it is now, but all I had were selfish motives at the start and nothing about relationships are selfish.

10) Listen to the people who have been through things you’re going through and have overcame those obstacles. I’m not the best at this one! And no, you are not the exception that knows better.

11) Don’t be embarrassed of being close with your family, especially your parents.

12) Travel! It is literally THE BEST investment you can put your money on during this temporary, short life of yours.

13) It is okay to have a desire to get married at a younger age than what society says is acceptable.

14) Your expectations will not always go the way you want. Don’t have plans set in stone because you’re not the one in complete control over your life, no matter how hard you try to be. Recognize when you are pushing too hard for something to work when God is clearly closing that door and let it go. *cue the snow palace.

15) Feeling lonely, depressed, sad, worn out, disappointed is normal. A lot of the time, this life sucks. So if you’ve never felt those things, well, you’re a freaking robot.

16) Suck up your pride and don’t be afraid to apologize first. It doesn’t show weakness to apologize, but rather the opposite. I’m not the best at this one either!

17) Change is good. Always being in your comfort zone isn’t good.

18) Try new things, but know your specialties. I usually lean towards being a jack of all trades, but a master of none. I’m the type who wants to do everything and be somewhat good at everything, but I can’t be amazing at everything. So know which things you enjoy and want to grow/specialize in and know which things you will just do leisurely.

19) Invest your time on people. Don’t be selfish about your time. This is something my parents are really great at. When you die, everything else in this world will fade away, except for the lives you invest in. That is something eternal.

20) Choose your battles and just laugh a little. Not everything needs to be taken seriously. Odds are, when you look back at your life, you are going to forget why you were stressed last month, why you screamed at your mom last week, or why you rudely hung up on your boyfriend last night. Those things you were mad about are tiny and lead to petty arguments. Give those scrunched eyebrows a rest. You look prettier when you smile anyways.

21) Be thankful! Appreciate the people in your life, the things you have, the house you live in, just everything. I know I have soooooo much to be thankful for. And having a thankful heart makes me happy and brings me joy.

Cheers to 21 years and we’ll see what adventures 22 will bring! 🙂

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